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Nordal Turistsenter – a charming family-run vacation centre

The Nordal Family has one main goal: give you the best possible stay when you visit Lom.

Remember ever lasting summers filled with hiking, fishing and awesome friendships, and winter holidays with skiing and other fun activities? Here´s your chance to relive the magic.

Nordal Turistsenter has everything you need in order to have the best vacation ever. Located in Lom, right in the heart of Norway, Nordal is the perfect base when you want to have a vacation that can offer you both fjords and mountains – and everything in between.

The Nordal family began serving the first guest in 1899. It all started out quite simple. Black coffee and a place to sleep on the barn floor was everything they had to offer.

But as the years passed by, the Nordal family built it´s vacation centre brick by brick. Today, Nordal Turistsenter in Lom can offer both a place to sleep in the hotel, a modern camp site, cabins, restaurant and a pub.

All kinds of activities are available within a few minutes from us. Hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, shopping – or just relaxing.

Today, the forth generation of the family is running the company. The are serving both old and new guests with whatever a modern traveler demands. Still, one thing will always remain the same: the great hospitality that has been the hallmark from day one in the traditional company.


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